Are there any hidden costs or will I get billed unknowingly?

No! Most (99%) of all web sites will not breach an acceptable bandwidth / data transfer level. Red Rook provides maximum flexibility for web site owners without constraints on how much traffic your site attracts.

OUTBOUND data transfer (from the server) is always FREE! - That is, visitors to your site can download as much as they like and you will not be billed for the outgoing traffic.

INBOUND data transfer (to the server) is monitored by Red Rook. This traffic generally is far smaller than the outgoing traffic. 99% of all web sites generate insignificant amounts of ingoing traffic.

It is important to note that MOST websites are less than 20Mb (or even 10Mb) in total size and would only generate a very small amount of inbound traffic.

If you have a very large (over 50Mb) site that is updated on a daily basis then your inbound traffic will be higher as you are uploading your site content to the server very regularly. Similarly if you regularly receive very large emails on a daily basis.

If you are generating a significant amount of INBOUND traffic, Red Rook will negotiate an alternative pricing structure with you.

You will not be billed unknowingly!

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