What's the difference between a Shared and Dedicated Secure Certificate (SSL)?

One of the main considerations in using a shared or dedicated Secure Certificate is the URL and how it will appear to your customers.

With a Shared Secure Certificate, the URL may look something like this:


where you have no control over the ISP_domain.com name that is displayed. It is determined by your website hosting provider. Your hosting provider may or may not charge additional amounts for this service. Red Rook Web Hosting provides "shared SSL" at no additional cost on selected hosting plans.

With your own (dedicated) Secure Certificate, the URL is determined by you, either as another registered domain or as a sub domain of your website domain name. Often, there is an additional cost as this requires purchasing a Secure Certificate and a dedicated IP address.

Use of a dedicated Secure Certificate can appear more professional to your website visitors and helps in "hiding" the identity of your web hosting provider.

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